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Blount County Sheriffs Department 225 Industrial Drive Oneonta, AL 35121 ::: Phone: 205-625-4127 ::: Fax: 205-625-3264 ::: Jail: 205-625-4133

Crime Stoppers Hotline
(205) 274-2746

The investigations Division of the Blount County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for all investigations
involving crimes of violence, theft of property, burglary and crimes against a person. These investigations are spearheaded by talented law enforcement specialists that have extensive training and experience to solve difficult crimes. It is the sole purpose of the criminal investigations unit to solve difficult crimes and bring those to justice who commit those crimes.


Back Row, Left to Right: Investigator Steve Fowler, Investigator Lynn Chambless, Investigations Lieutenant Terry Sherbert

Front Row, Left to Right: Investigator Buddy Hutchinson, Investigator Sue Ashworth, Investigator Robert Depaemelaere

Not pictured: Investigator Michael Blackwood

In the economic times we are living in, crimes such as theft and related crimes are on the rise. There isn’t anyone who understands this fact more than the investigators who diligently attempt to locate and bring to justice those who commit these crimes. Although these men and women are working around the clock to put a stop to such crimes, there are  a few small steps you as a citizen can take to not only assist these investigators in their fight against these crimes, but to protect yourself in the event you fall victim to a theft or related crime.

What are some things I can do to protect myself and my neighbors from having property stolen?

1. Make a list of all valuable items you possess in your home or on your property.

2. Write down serial numbers, make and model of all electronics, firearms and vehicles you own. Keep this list in a safe place not easily detected to a would be criminal. When reporting a theft, this information may be the only information that could ensure a safe return of your property.

3. When taking a vacation, notify a trustworthy neighbor or family member that you will be away from your home and request that they stop in periodically to check on your property. Only notify those you trust that you will be going out of town.

4. Alarm systems are a good deterrent to a would be criminal. Not all alarm systems are as costly as they may seem. Install an audible alarm, whether it be a monitored alarm system or non-monitored. An audible alarm system can alert nearby neighbors that someone may be breaking into your home or business. An alarm system is an effective preventative measure.
5. For those who feel an alarm system is too costly, there are relatively inexpensive camera systems you can place inside your home. These camera systems can be the one tool that could identify someone who has broken into your home. Positive identification of a burglar or thief is a necessity of prosecution of these criminals and may speed up recovery of your property.
6. Be attentive to those who visit your neighborhood. Pay attention to what cars belong and what cars do not. Make notes on people or vehicles that you observe to be “out of place”.
7. NEVER TAKE THE LAW INTO YOUR OWN HANDS! Let the law enforcement professionals who are sworn to serve and protect the citizens of Blount County do what they are trained to do. Your life or the lives of your loved ones is not worth the loss of property. If you see a crime in progress dial 911 immediately, observe the incident from a safe distance and relay information to law enforcement as you see it happen. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, assume that the person committing the crime is dangerous to your safety. Most of the time, THEY ARE, if put into a situation to choose between you or their freedom.

These are just a few things you as a citizen can do to protect yourself and your property. We would all like to think, “that’s never going to happen to me”, but the reality is, it can and it will, unless we join together and make it harder for the ones committing these crimes. We are dedicated to making Blount County a safer place to live, ARE YOU?      

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